Our programs are uniquely designed to fit a range of ages

and demographics. We create 2GEN/ 3 GEN focused programs in the Sarasota, Manatee, Desoto, and Charlotte County Areas.

Terapi Obedience

 Dog Training

This 6 weeks course you will learn how to train Your Dog with the guidance from our  Team of American Kennel Club Certified Trainers. You only pay $75 unless you want to take the test to be AKC Good Citizen Certified ( +$25), which is needed to start training for our 

Working Dog Programs.

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Autism Entrepreneurship

Program Age 18-30+

This Program fills a void in the community when students graduate programs and enter into the work force. We teach Social and Emotional skills needed for both life and employment. We teach Autistic's that what ever their  Special gift is, they can make a living wage doing it. Arts, Crafts, Dog Training, & Baking  have made a difference.

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Bakers for Barkers

Partnering with Sarasota County Schools

Bakers for Barkers is one step in a Vision to create  baking employment opportunities for Autistic Young Adults in our community. 

We have been teaching Kitchen Safety, Following Directions, Working with Others and more. We are now working with local Businesses to help these student have gainful & Fulfilling Work. Say HI to Raven at Maple Street Biscuit Company in October.

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Terapi Dog Training

Working Dog Programs

Meet Maverick- He is a Rescue.

 His Owner Maddy is going away to college soon and is in our program. 

We Train for many programs:

Emotional Support

Family Therapy

Community Therapy

Dogs for God- Teams

Autism Service


Hearing impaired

Custom Service Dogs

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Autism Family

 Outreach and Support

We believe in the sanctity of the family bond, both nuclear and extended. We offer support groups for moms, and soon for dads too

 (Golf). We bring a monthly Themed FREE Events to our centralized location near Palmer Ranch.   Between Manatee & Charlotte Counties in South Sarasota.

This Event boasted a small group of people that care about Autistic Families.  Jungle Gardens, Captain Greybeard, Furries, and more,

We always have a quiet SENSORY ROOM available and we keep out events small to help Autistic kids not feel overwhelmed.

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Sensory Craft/ Music Days

Local Artists, Grandparents, Students alike volunteer their time to do sensory crafts with a variety of age groups. We encourage parents, grandparent aunts uncles and cousins to explore sensory play and increase bonds with the Autistic Super Hero Kid in their Family. By play, we connect

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What our Students are saying

"Bakers for Barkers makes me feel happy and important"- Manning

"Autism Entrepreneurs helped me have the courage to apply, interview and get my first real job. I feel like a "normal" person now." - Raven