Autism Family Center Resources

Once we secure an Office space we will be adding these services:

Autistic Children Services

Services Available Upon Request

Baby/ Toddler Therapy Classes

Community is so necessary to helping our families grow and not feel alone.

Play / Music Therapy

Either one on one, or group therapy, we

 teach parents how to get into the autistic world of their child.

Bonding Activities

So often parents feel disconnected to their 

own children. Relatives become more 

distant because they just do not 

understand how to be supportive.

Family Services:

We educate Families and the Community, We come to you!

Family Education Workshops

  • Autism Basics for New Diagnosis's 
  • Sibling Supportive Training 
  • Play at each level of the spectrum
  • How the School District can help you. 
  • Teen and Young Adults with Autism  
  • Autism at College
  • Learning how to live as and adult with a new diagnosis of Autism.

Support Groups for the Whole Family

  • Sibling Support
  • Caregiver Support
  • Community Support
  • Extended Family Classes