We are a LOCAL NONPROFIT Launching Programs in Sarasota County to Promote the self sufficiency of Children and adults on the Autism Spectrum, while supporting the families and being a resource to bring realistic Autism Awareness in our local community.

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Upcoming Events

We stay busy, so that this amazing Autism Community has opportunities to share Awareness and Family Time

Autism Fall Inclusion Festival- Wear Costumes!

October 6th from 4pm-8pm

Bring your family, to explore together. 

We have FREE Food,  & Games! Feel Free to Support our Vendors.

Jewery, Clothing and Frozen treats.. 

They help make these free events happen.

Things to do at this Event:

Duck pond, Corn hole, Photos, Pet Animals from Jungle Gardens,

Horse Shoes, Play Ground, Infinity Gauntlet Game, Pool filled with stuffies, Win prizes, Free kids Raffles, Music, and Sensory room when you just need a quiet moment.

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Halloween Jungle Walk for Autism $25/ Adult

October 27th 8am-5pm @ Jungle Gardens

Support Local Autism Families with this Walk.

Gain information, we have the water, sunscreen and bug spray you bring you and your Team. The outer walkway is Runner Safe, Inner Walkway is for relaxing and feeding real live Flamingos.

Art Raffles and Gift Baskets to Help Kids get Service Dogs, Help young Adult get Job training and Support our Awareness Efforts!

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Our OutReach Programs are Create with a 2Gen/ 3Gen Approach in mind.

We bring extended Families of multi Generations together in play and support.

Circle of Autism Moms: 

Teacher & Autism Mom Vickie Babington Leads this strong group of women..

 It takes a strong, Kind and patient person to be the mother of an Autistic Child. We look like Super Mom's to our Mom Friends, yet unless you life it 24/7 no one knows the truth of how truly hard it is. WE DO...

We have a Facebook group where we support each other on the day to day and a monthly play group.  Join us and feel the love of Mom's that "Get it".

Drops of Hope- Young Living Oils- Supports this Group

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November 3rd 4pm-8pm

Free Event for Community Families