Vendor Application

Please Copy and Paste into an Email to:

[email protected]

Autism Family Center of Florida Vendor and Performer form

Basic Vendor INFO:

THEME: Please have your team or booth decorated to the THEME to add to the magic of the day

DATE: Sat. Sept 1st 2018 4pm-8pm

FEES: $50 for indoor or $25 for outdoor. Paypal  Fees to [email protected] 

SET-UP: 2:30pm-3:30pm Tent & Tables are recommended. Free water for Vendors will be avail. Please stay until 8pm.

Electricity: Needed (Yes /No)Electricity is Avail. if you ask a week before, bring your extension cords

Vendor/ Performer profile:

First Name: _____________________ Last Name: __________________

Cellphone number: ________________ Best time to Contact:_________________


Business name:_____________________________________________________

Short description of business and Items to sell:


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Autism Entrepreneurs / Bakers for Barkers Program 

Applications. Please Copy, Paste and Fill out in an Email to us

[email protected]

Name: _______________________________________ Date: __________________________

Home Address: ____________________________City:___________State:____Zip:________

Home Phone: _____________________________ Cell Phone: _________________________

Best Email: __________________________________________________________________

Birthday: _________________________________ Best Way to Contact: __________________

Emergency Contact info:

Name: ____________________________ Cell Phone: ________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________

Time Drop Off: ___:___ Time Pick Up: ___:___

Food Allergies: ________________________________________________________________


Photos and Liability Release

[ ] I agree to have pictures of myself/ my dependant published on the website or social media.

[ ] I Do Not agree to have pictures of myself/ my dependant published on the website or social media.

I understand that all staff will do their best to care for me, yet I choose to participate at my own risk. We may be mixing, baking, packaging, gluing, using scissors, painting, and craft activities.

Insurance Company: _______________________________

Policy Number:____________________________________

Print Name: ____________________________ Guardian Name: ________________________

Sign Name: ____________________________ Guardian Sign: _________________________

Application for Participation Page 2

Autism Profile Information:

How I communicate: ____________________________________________________________________________

How I take care of my personal needs:


How Adaptive to changes in routine are you?

[ ] Flexible [ ] Apprehensive [ ] Melts down

Emotional Triggers: ____________________________________________________________________________

Mobility: [ ] No Issues [ ] Uses Adaptive Device [ ] Needs assistance

Stimming/ or Repetitive behaviors:


Social Behaviors to be aware of: __________________________________________________


Any other Information we need: __________________________________________________



Independent Work Rate:

[ ] Frequent prompts

[ ] Occasional Prompts

[ ] Independant

Level of Supervision:

[ ] Constant Supervision

[ ] Low Supervision

Task Performance:

[ ] Stays on task

[ ] Needs reminders

[ ] Needs a list

Application for Participation Page 3

Participation Agreement

Program rules:

Listen to the teacher / adult.

Listen to others.

We keep our hands / feet to ourselves.

Respect each other.

Respect other people's property.

Take care of our equipment.

Use kind words.

Finish our work on time.

Walk and do not run

Treat people the way you would like to be treated.

Be a good friend to everyone.

Follow directions from others.

Always tell the truth.

Enjoy our learning.

Show manners at all times.

Be polite.

Be on time.

Share with others.

Keep the classroom tidy.

Tidy the classroom when we have finished working..

Take pride in our work space.

Always work hard.

I agree to do my best to follow these rules. I am human and its ok to make mistakes. I promise to try my best.

Sign: _________________________________________________

Programs that you may want to participate:

Current Projects:

Autism Entrepreneur Program-

Fridays in June-July 2018 10am-4pm ( Hours are flexible)

Bakers for Barkers-Themed Crafts-Therapy Dogs- Job Training

American Kennel Club Dog Training-

By Appointment in June & July, August will be one evening a week.

Basic Obedience, Emotional Support Dog Training, Service Dog Training with a Certified trainer.

Therapy Dog Days with Sarasota K9 unit

Projects Starting this Fall:

Golf Lessons- Group and one on one lessons for Autistic Children and Adults

Mini Golf- Small mini golf course for golf lessons and public use during events

Outdoor Movies- Autism Safe Movies for our families and Dog Nights

Monthly Family events- First Saturday Family Fun Events Starting August 4th

Autism Mom Play Groups - Third Sundays 2p-4p

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Service Dog, Assistance Dog, Obedience Training Application

Terapi: For the Love of Dogs

Please Email us for a PDF file.  It is much larger and will take some time to fill out.

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