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Autism Family Center 

of Florida, Located in Sarasota, FL

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Autism Family Center is a 2GEN focused program to help families affected by Autism in the Greater Tampa Bay Area and SWFL.

With over 20 years of experience, your Family is in good hands!

We are Family Focused and as a member of the Giving Partner, we are 100% Transparent Financially.

Serving Sarasota and Manatee areas we are able to utilize local funds to help local Families.

How we ARE Helping Families with Autism in Sarasota and Manatee Areas...

Family Outreach Programs

We are Family driven. We host Free Events to promote both Autism Awareness and Family bonding activities.

We have support groups, Facebook groups and more to help the local Autism Community feel more connected. 

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Job Skills Training

We are now Partnered with Sarasota County School district as a Job Training Site.  We use the Lions Quest Program to teach both the Social and Emotional skills need to get by in life and in a work atmosphere,  often not taught at school or home. We teach commercial Baking, Dog Training, and Art to help Autistic Young Adults find their place in our working community.

AKC Dog Training

We have 4 Experienced Service Dog trainers on staff with 2 being American Kennel Club Certified.

We offer to the Public Basic obedience training.

ALL Working Dog Classes Begins after AKC Cert.

Emotional Support Dog Training 4-8 weeks 

Autism/ Family Therapy Training 8-16 weeks

Autism/ Service Dog Training up to 1 year

Cost is Often Sponsored for Working Dog Training

Meet your Staff

JUDY Schwanz- Founder & Exc Director

VICKIE Babington- Mom's Support Group Leader

JAMES Ritchie- Public Relations/ Media Rep/Web Master and Social Media

SHARI Carello- Volunteer Mom of Autistic Child