Autism Family Center of Florida

Pathways Autism Cure and Treatment inc.

"The only known "CURE" for Autism is ACCEPTANCE,

The only Real "TREATMENT" for Autism is LOVE."  -Brandy Decker

With over 20 years of experience, your Family is in good hands!

We are Leading the Autism Field by utilizing the 2GEN Approach of integrating the family as a whole.

We are Family Focused and as a member of the Giving Partner, we are 100% Transparent Financially.

Serving Sarasota and Manatee areas we are able to utilize local funds to help local Families.

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How we ARE Helping Families with Autism in Sarasota and Manatee Areas...

We are a LOCAL NONPROFIT  Launching Programs  in Sarasota County to Promote the self sufficiency of Children and adults on the Autism Spectrum, while supporting the families and being a resource to bring realistic Autism Awareness in our local community.

1. Our Internship Program is Serving a Lost and often forgotten demographic part of our community.  Bakers for Barkers is helping young adults whom,  are to old for student services, yet have no marketable skills for GAINFUL employment.  We bring them together to learn the communication skills, and team building skills that are required for employment in  the restaurant industry. There are abundant   jobs in our community and with these skills our Interns are able to get a career path and not "just" a job.

2. Our "Autism Family Center"  is growing by the day. We are proud to advance our program into the support group arena. We offer support groups for parents, grandparents, and caregivers. We teach relationship building skills to both the "Box" ( immediate family }  and the External Support System. So often families with an Autistic child feel a different kind of stress than families of Neurotypical kids. Not more or less but different, and so often Parents of Autistic kids feel alone with their stress. We as parents often feel as tho we are fighting for our kids against the world. 


Bring your whole family to our Sensory Craft Days,  HomeSchool Days, Outdoor Movie Nights, Pet Therapy and Dog Rescue Days.


3. We are bringing INNOVATION to the Dog Training World.  We offer AKC Dog Training to the Public & Emotional Support Dog Training.

We are the ONLY Autism Service Dog Program in SWFL, and the Only Emotional Support Training Program in Florida.

 Our Autism Dog Training Program  is Truly  One-of-a-Kind, Here is HOW!!

Each Dog is RESCUED from a local shelter,the dog must pass a temperament test to show its true personality and trainability.

 Then family fosters the dog for one month during a bonding period, while learning basic obedience.

Each Team Graduates thru a 3 Step Training Program before Reaching the Service Dog Team Status. 

Pathways Autism Cure & Treatment inc

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